Where is Max?

I am currently looking for this:


in this:


Do you see him anywhere? You may see Abba, the Swedish band loom, there on the left behind the chest of drawers (or the “chester draws” as I have seen some Craigslist ads call it). And you may see the little maple bench right in the middle. And you can see the wheel part of the warping wheel against the right wall. But this poor guy is nowhere to be found.

The missing loom is named Maxmillian Van der Woof XIII, Max for short. According to our records, he should be hiding in the pod we are currently unloading. You may know already that we very recently moved to Hendersonville, North Carolina from Seattle, Washington. It is important to find Max because I need a loom that has all its parts put together in order to finish my class work for the Olds College Master Weaving Level One class I took in Yadkinville, NC the last week in April, and I think he is the likely candidate. Even though he already has a warp on him, which I will have to remove.

This pod is 16 feet long, so there is still much to be pulled out. I’m confident we will find him at some point today.

I’ll be telling you more about the Olds program as I go along, but right now I need to find Max!

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